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Please send your email address, contact information and input you'd like to provide including Upper Straits events you'd like to see noted on the Events calendar.  Please add something both in the subject and message fields to enable dispatch of your communication.  


Your name and email address will be used strictly for Upper Straits Clean Lake Association related communication and will never be shared without your express authorization.

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USCLA Board of Directors

Board Member - Upper Straits Neighborhood

David Silver, President - Lake Side Park

Rosanne B. RuleSecretary - R C Bankers / Heron Cove

Dave Boerger, OCWRC Liaison - Elmgate
Mark P. BurnettWebsite & Co -treasurer - Straits Lake Hills

Jeff Sousley, Co-Treasurer - Trillium Bluff

Joe Pierucci, Weed Management - Lake Side Park

Mike Burwell - Bayside

Doug Cooper - Straits Lake Hills

Duane Tursi - Elmgate

Rick Cumbo - Shady Beach Heights

Alan Simons - Maisons Sur De Lac

John Bull - LaPlaya

Larry GossShady Beach

Kurt Liethen Lake Side Park

Tom Spoto, R C Bankers

John Zubalik - Upper Straits Blvd

Bob Haase, Treasurer Emeritus Whispering Pines

Jim Cherfoli, Ambassador / Board emeritus - RC Bankers


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