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A Recently Identified Threat 

Starry Stonewort has been found in Upper Straits Lake -- and if left to proliferate, it will "dominate the lake at some future time" according to USCLA's Aquatic Consultant, Dr. Doug Pullman.

Please take a few moments and review a very informative powerpoint presentation prepared by MSU for the Clean Boats Clean Water Initiative.  It's jam packed with information vital to Upper Straits Lake users.   <click on the Starry Stonewort slide>

New Fertilizer Law

Highlights of the highlights:

  1. Must not contain phosphorous

  2. 15% of the Nitrogen must be in slow release form

  3. Never apply fertilizer within 35 feet of wetland or body of water  

The green link here has more info. 


ALL BOATERS!  Please observe the COUNTERCLOCKWISE traffic pattern on Upper Straits Lake

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