USCLA Association Dues:                   $50



Weed Management Contribution Amounts

□ Major Benefactors                      $1,000

□ Neighborhood & Lake Assoc.        $1,000 

□ Lakefront/Canal                           $300

□ Lake Access                                 $100 

□ Lake Out Lot / Lake User                 $25

Weed and Water Management Report

Click the title page below for the full report

As in years past, the City of Orchard Lake Village has agreed to receive donations and deposit them in a special Upper Straits Water Quality Improvement Fund.


​Please factor your dues and weed management contribution level; mail a check payable to:  

City of Orchard Lake Village WQIF.  


Note For Upper Straits Lake on your check's memo line and mail to:

Upper Straits Water Quality Improvement Fund

City of Orchard Lake VillageC

3995 Orchard Lake Rd.

Orchard Lake, MI  48323


Your Upper Straits Clean Lake Association weed management contributions in action! 


Here's one of a four vessel fleet harvesting the lake. USCLA has already reserved this excellent service company again this season.


Contributions last year will be invested in this year's aggressive weed management program designed to control Ebrid Water Milfoil, Curly Leaf Pondweed and other invasive species noted in the Lakescan Report.


Thanks to all who've contributed -- and those about to hit the mail for the coming season, thanks in advance!  

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