Your contribution is VITAL!  The only funds we have to take care of this lake come from you!  Please print the dues and weed fund form and mail with your check.  

USCLA Membership Dues:                  $50

Weed Management Contribution

□ Major Benefactors                      $1,000

□ Neighborhood & Lake Assoc.        $1,000 

□ Lakefront/Canal Owner                 $300

□ Lake Access (Beach Assn Boater)     $100 

□ Beach Assn Member / Lake User       $25

​Please factor your tax deductible dues and weed management contribution level; mail* the bottom of the form with a check payable to: City of Orchard Lake WQIF; memo your check

"Upper Straits Lake":                 Water Quality Improvement Fund

                                              City of Orchard Lake Village

                                              3995 Orchard Lake Rd.

                                              Orchard Lake, MI  48323

Consider using your bank's 'Bill Pay' functionality:  Set up a new payee: City of Orchard Lake WQIF; address above; phone 248-682-2400.  Enter "Upper Straits Water Quality Fund" as the Account.  "Dues $50 / Weeds $300" or as applicable as the transaction memo.  Lastly, schedule the first available delivery-date.  Your bank will then create, print and mail a paper check showing you as the payor. No stamp, no envelope, no form.  Easy-peasy!! 

Preparing for Summer 2014 and for the purpose of assessing our invasive weeds threat; on Sept. 12, 2013; Bob Haase, Jim Cherfoli and Doug Cooper accompanied Dr. Doug Pullman, Aquatic Ecologist, on the lake for a 3 hour tour ('The professor' was definitely in the boat but the team made it back safely without a hint of Gilligan).


Watch the video here for preliminary findings and information important to all Upper Straits Lake users!  


Lake User Contributions alone fund 

Upper Straits weed control efforts. 

Yours is essential!


Your Upper Straits Clean Lake Association weed management contributions in action! 


Here's one of a four vessel fleet harvesting the lake. USCLA has already reserved this excellent service company again this season.


Contributions last year will be invested in this year's aggressive weed management program designed to control Ebrid Water Milfoil, Curly Leaf Pondweed and other invasive species noted in the Lakescan Report.


Thanks to all who've contributed -- and those about to hit the mail for the coming season, thanks in advance!  

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