USCLA's Weed Management and Invasive Species control efforts for 2021 are underway now.  This year's investment in the lake's health is substantially greater and more comprehensive than ever before.  Expertly managed and highly targeted herbicide application has begun per the map linked on the
Weed Management tab.

As many of us are well aware, the USCLA is the SOLE entity that funds, manages and monitors the professionals involved here thanks to board members volunteering their time — and thanks to your contributions.  Your fair share is more important than ever.  Please click on the Weed Management tab above and donate!  Thank you for supporting your lake.

Upper Straits Clean Lake Association


Energy and Action

on water quality 


habitat preservation, 


 and toward 

enhancing the enjoyment of 

Upper Straits Lake

Together with the USCLA's work on weed control, lake advocacy and lake level / health management, Upper Straits water quality depends on lake users preventing introduction of contaminants as well as forestalling chemical and biological hazard sources.


Crystal clear water, a signature Upper Straits Lake feature, is key to quality of life, property value, recreational activity and a healthy habitat for wild life. 

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