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Augmentation Well Schematic.png

Augmentation Well Update

Low lake levels last summer and fall led to a petition drive circulated by Upper Straits Clean Lake Association (USCLA) and the Oakland County Water Resources Commission (WRC) to pursue an augmentation well for raising the lake level during dry periods. 


With over 2/3rds of the lake front parcel owners signing the petition, the WRC proceeded with plans for the well including successful State and Court approvals. In addition, the Orchard Lake Country Club provided free use of their site on Elmgate Drive for the well.  A test boring was recently completed with excellent results. 


Next steps underway are designing the 2000 gal/min well; gaining approval for bonding from the Oakland County Commissioners; drilling the 16” well to a depth of over 200’; and building a housing around the pump to isolate noise and landscaping the site. 


The original cost projection was $500,000, representing $1900 per parcel, to be billed later this year with an option for a lump sum payment or spread over 10 years similar to how the dam was funded. With the recent rise in construction materials, the USCLA Board will be closely monitoring costs; however, the dam was under-run by $100,000, which can be used to offset augmentation well cost increases if needed.


Spring 2022 Update: The test well drilled on the Orchard Lake Country Club site proved out and preparation for legal appeal is underway.  

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